Whale Watching FAQ

Q: When is Whale Watching Season in Punta Mita?

Although whales come into the bay as early as November, the official date for the whale watching season in Punta Mita always begins sometime during the first few weeks of December. This is so that tour boats and individuals do not frighten the whales as they come into Banderas Bay. Puerto Vallarta's whale watching season officially closes on March 23rd.

Q: When is the best time to see whales in Banderas Bay?

January and February

Q: Can you guarantee sightings?

No, we can not guarantee sightings, but during January and February there is an extremely good chance of seeing whales. During these months, 9 tours out of 10 will see whales.

Q: Punta Mita Adventures has so many whale tours. Which is the best?

It depends what you want to do during your day - and who you are traveling with. The Whale Photo Safari is the specialist tour and the most likely to see whales, but this tour is not recommended for children. Las Marietas Eco Discovery is the next most likely to see whales, and is a great option for families, as there is a great atmosphere on the catamaran. Las Caletas is the least likely to see whales, as it spends less time on the water, but there are lots of other things to enjoy once you arrive at Caletas. Sailing with Whales is a unique experience and spectacular when you see the whales, but the boats are slow, so if the whales move it is difficult for them to keep up.

Q: How do your guides know where the whales are?

Vallarta Adventures is the only company in the Banderas Bay area with a spotter plane. The light aircraft's pilot is in radio contact with each of our boat captains, who report whale sightings across the bay, which makes whale sightings almost guaranteed.

Q: What kind of whales will we see?

Humpbacks are the most common in Banderas Bay. They are also the most spectacular of all the whales to watch as they breach and tail slap in the ocean. Sightings of Orcas are also seen in the winter, much less common are Bride Whales and Minky Whales.

Q: Should I bring money for souvenirs and photos?

Yes, since we provide photo services in every tour and they will be available for you at the end of the tour. You can also purchase souvenirs at our shop.