Outdoor Adventure FAQ

Q: Where is the tour located?

The Outdoor Adventure takes place at our private 90 hectares reserve in the heart of the Sierra Madre, which is situated approximately 10Km south of Puerto Vallarta.

Q: How do we get there?

The tour starts with an inflatable boat ride across the Bay. We arrive to the fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan, where we'll board a 15-passenger yellow Unimog and take you up into the forest to our Outodoor Adventure base camp.

Q: How tough is this?

The Outdoor Adventure tour is a step up from Canopy and it is a physical tour. You should be in good shape and be able to walk uphill for 30 mins and climb a ladder 20ft (6m) straight up. There is a strict weight restriction of 250 lbs (113Kg).

Q: Will I get dirty or wet?

Probably both. You will be rappelling down waterfalls and so all of your clothes will get wet. You may get dirty on some of the hiking but it's all part of the adventure.

Q: What should I wear or bring with me?

The most comfortable clothes to do the tour in are shorts, t-shirt and a pair of running shoes. You will get completely soaked, however, so it is important to bring a towel and a dry change of clothes, which you can keep in the lockers at the base camp while you are in the forest. We would also recommend you bring a sweater with you for the return journey.

Q: How big are the group sizes?

Groups are never more than 15 people on any one departure. You will be accompanied by a team of 5 guides.

Q: Is the mule ride difficult, do you need experience?

The mule ride is an easy going 25 minute hike up through the forest from base camp to the first zip line at the top of one of the hills. Full instructions are given at the start of the tour on how to control the mules but no experience is necessary. The mules always walk at a steady brisk pace and it is an easy ride.

Q: Is food and drink included?

The tour includes unlimited bottled water, and fruit & cookies to give you some energy at the end of the tour. We also have a small snack bar at the base camp where you can buy soft drinks, chocolate bars and chips.

Q: Can I take a camera on the tour?

No, we do not allow guests to take cameras through the tour with them for safety reasons. (you need to keep your hands free to control your equipment) However you can take cameras up to the base camp and leave them in the lockers.

Q: Are pictures of me on the tour available?

Each group is accompanied by a professional camera man who is also a fully trained guide. They take a slightly different route from the main group so as to get shots of you flying across the zip lines and rappelling the waterfalls! Ask for our Photo Packages.

Q: Can I take this tour if I am pregnant or have any health or mobility issues?

Due to insurance and safety reasons, we do not allow pregnant women or people with a history of seizures, vertigo, back, knee or neck injuries, balance issues or heart problems are not permitted on the tour. As well, people with any recent injuries or mobility issues must keep in mind this is a very physical tour.

Q: Should I bring money for souvenirs and photos?

Yes, since we provide photo services in every tour and they will be available for you at the end of the tour. You can also purchase souvenirs at our shop.

Q: What is children's age/price for this tour?

Children must be a minimum of 10 years old and at least 4 feet tall. Pricing on this tour is the same for both children and adults.