Extreme Adventure FAQ

Q: Should I bring spare clothes?

Yes, you are going to get wet and likely a little dirty, so you will want to change after the tour before the return trip back to Vallarta.

Q: What should I wear for the tour?

Wear comfortable clothes, that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Closed-toe shoes are a must.

Q: Will I get dirty or wet?

Yes, both, we hope :).  As the "extreme" activities are optional, you can choose to skip the waterslide and not get as wet.

Q: Is there a place to change?

Yes, we have changing rooms up at the base camp.

Q: Who can drive the Polaris UTV cars?

Drivers of the Polaris UTV vehicles must be at least 18 years and able to present a valid driver's license as well as a major credit card for a deposit in guarantee.

Q: Is a deposit required to drive the Polaris UTVs?

Yes, a credit card deposit in guarantee per vehicle is required.

Q: Do I have to do every activity?

No, the more extreme activities are optional, so guests can set their own comfort level and be as extreme as they want to be.

Q: Is food included on the tour?

Though there are light snacks after the tour, it is recommended to have a good meal before departing for the tour to hold you over.

Q: Can I use my camera?

Not during the adventure course, as we need you to focus on safety and your equipment.  You can take photos before and after the course.  There will be a professional photographer with your group taking photos that you can purchase after the tour.

Q: How long and fast is the long zip line?

Mexico's longest and fastest zip line is over 1,200 meters (nearly 4,000 feet) in length and reaches speeds of up to 100 kph (or 60 mph)!

Q: Where is the tour located?

The tour is located up in the Sierra Madre Mountains reached via a beautiful 45 minute drive out of Vallarta.

Q: Is the tour safe?

Yes, very safe!  Vallarta Adventures meets the highest safety standards of any tour operator - meeting and exceeding US-based challenge course safety standards.  All guides receive more than 200 hours of safety training.  Safety is our #1 priority.

Q: How big are the group sizes?

The maximum group size is 14 guests.  With each group there are five guides and a photographer.

Q: What are the requirements for the tour?

Minimum age is eight years old.  Minimum height is 4 feet, or 1.20 meters. Maximum weight is 260 lbs. or 114 kg. For safety reasons expecting mothers, persons with back or neck, heart, balance or/and dizziness conditions are restricted.