• Vallarta Adventures gave free Swim with the dolphin passes to 66 students from different communities such as Higuera Blanca, San Francisco, Sayulita, Nayarit and Boca de Tomatlan Jalisco, which participated in the celebration of the "International Day Beach Cleanup" in alongside Vallarta Adventures, by cleaning the beaches and rivers near their communities, showing great interest for our environment.
    • Free Dolphin Therapy was provided to seven children with disabilities from the "Alfred Nobel" school, in order to support the program of activities taking place in the psychological department of that school.
    • For the fourth time Vallarta Adventures has participated in the event "Destapate y Dona Vida", making the delivery of a donation of 140 kg of plastic caps (water, milk, soft drinks, shampoo, jugs, etc.) of different sizes, shapes and colors, for the Association "Angeles en Libertad", which organizes the collection campaign to obtain financial resources to support the medical treatment of poor people with serious health problems who do not have health care.
    • We continue to focus on little children who are in cancer treatments, Vallarta Adventures and Association "Sueños por Cumplir" work together to fulfill the wishes of the children who want to know the sea and swim with dolphins. This time we received a group of 14 children from different communities in the state of Michoacan, our main objective being fulfilling his dream of swimming with dolphins and have a fun and unforgettable day.
    • The animal shelter is one of the largest institutions that make contributions to vulnerable puppies and kittens. This time the donation of 12 tarps for cages was conducted, in order to have a more comfortable area and be protected from sun, rain and cold.
    • To mark the "International Day of the Disabled " this 3rd of December children from the "Dia international de las Personas con Discapacidad," which is an institution of special education that serves people with special educational needs with and without disabilities (intellectual disability, physical disability, autism spectrum disorders, etc.), were invited in order to enjoy a happy and fun day next to our wonderful specimen such as dolphins, sea lions, beautiful parrots and cockatoos.

    • Vallarta Adventures presented the Dolphins Education Program to 50 primary school students from "Colegio Mexico Americano" who were surprised by these beautiful specimens, and learned about the species, the importance of the protection and conservation of these specimens, and the marine ecosystem.
    • In coordination with the Asociación Amor Infinito we fulfilled the dream for a terminally ill child, one of his greatest desires is know the beach and swim with dolphins. It was an unforgettable and fun day because the child learned about the main characteristics of the dolphins; he also played and interacted with these beautiful specimens.
    • We invited a group of 40 children from the community of Quimixto, who were transported to our facilities through our Apex type boats. Once arriving at our Dolphinarium they had an unforgettable day swimming with dolphins, they learned about their anatomy and how to conserve marine animals and their environment. Following this the children enjoyed a delicious breakfast, and were very excited about the visit to our facilities. Finally, each child had to make a drawing in relation to the conservation of the environment, such as the importance of cleaning the beaches of the community, prevent pollution at sea and deforestation as well as help in recycling garbage, among others.
      • The presentation of the Educational Program about Dolphins aimed 30 children of Kindergarten Cri-Cri, located in El Porvenir, Bahia de Banderas, Nay where the little kids visited our Dolphinarium, and interacted with dolphins, learning about the biology of these animals and the importance of environmental stewardship.
      • On the occasion of the celebration of "World Beach Cleanup Day" cleanup activities were conducted with the support of small schools from the communities of Boca de Tomatlan, Jalisco; Sayulita, Nay; Higuera Blanca, Nay., and San Francisco, Nay. With plastic bags and gloves, the young kids started cleaning beaches in their communities, emphasizing the importance of this activity for the preservation of our environment, which was taking place simultaneously in other parts of the world. Also our staff and government agencies conducted cleaning activities on the area of the Marietas Islands.
      • During this month, kids treated against cancer were invited to come to Puerto Vallarta to meet the sea as one of their desire was to swim with dolphins, which came true. The children spent an unforgettable day, as they had the chance to interact and learn about the biology of these beautiful specimens and fulfilling their dream.
      • We continued with the donation of food for dogs and cats destined for PV and Animal Casita Bay, which assists these animals that have been found on the street unprotected or donated by people who have no chance to serve them.
      • A group of 15 visually impaired people, including children and adults, attended the activity of swimming with dolphins. It remains an unforgettable experience in your life, as they were closely these mammals, where through interaction acquired knowledge of their biology, in addition to feel the sensation to touch her skin, hear the sound under water, feed, sing , dancing, belly rides, in addition to hug and kiss them. They all expressed their great excitement and joy, as well as being impressed by the size in the size and intelligence of these specimens.
      • We continued with donations to the Animal Collection Center in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, providing food for dogs and cats rescued from the street and homeless and are waiting to be adopted. Therefore Vallarta Adventures, performs continuous donations to the Centre so that small pets have a better quality of life.
      • Underprivileged children living in houses made of cardboard and wood, very close to Puerto Vallarta Landfill attended the Dolphinarium Dolphin Adventure, the Education Program dolphins and sea lions. It was a great day of learning and fun as the kids were very emotional, and had the opportunity to touch, feed, sing and dance with these beautiful specimens of marine life.
      • Tepic DIF's request was addressed for the event "Happy Day" in which a four years, diagnosed with cancer, wanted to swim with dolphins. Pedrito attended with her mother, to the facilities of Dolphin Adventure, where he interacted with dolphins, played together, fed them and sang with them, making it an unforgettable day.
      • 14 kids visited us from the "Dreams to fulfill" Association, which are treated at the Regional Hospital Cancer Pavilion of Leon, Guanajuato, where they receive their cancer treatments. As one of their dreams was to swim with dolphins, therefore they attended Dolphin Adventure, where them and their moms were able to swim with dolphins and share together this beautiful experience, to interact with these beautiful specimens, making it a very different and unforgettable day in their lives.
      • We worked during the month of May and June in coordination with the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF Bahia de Banderas), through multidisciplinary team of specialists, so that 33 poor children with some kind of disabilities receive their therapies on the facilities of Dolphin Adventure. Each child received four free sessions of dolphin, being able to attend children with Autism, Attention Deficit Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Language Disorders, in order to be a complementary therapy to therapeutic sessions conducted in DIF , to work together to achieve a better quality of life.
      • The presentation of the Educational Dolphin Program, sea lions and birds intended for 30 children from sixth grade of the Rural School "Volcanoes". Kids were very emotional and excited because for the first time were up close with these lovely and great creatures. They goy to interact, play and learn in a fun and dynamic way to reinforcing their knowledge of the area of Natural Sciences. In addition to expressing their feelings for the protection and preservation of these specimens and their ecosystem.
      • Vallarta Adventures participated for the third time in the "Unveil and Donate Life" event, by the "Angels in Freedom" Association. The event was held on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Where the collection of large amounts of plastic caps was of water, milk, soft drinks, shampoo, jugs, etc., of different sizes, shapes and colors, delivered by various companies, businesses, schools, families, people, etc. This time employees of our company participated by donating 99 kg of caps, delivered to the Association itself that gets financial resources for the purchase of medical treatments, prosthetics, special food, diapers, etc. for low-income people having health problems.
      • The presentation of the Education Program Dolphins, sea lions and birds, led to 50 small primary the "Vygoshsky School" preschool level, as well as the Prim "Vicente Guerrero" was held., Attended by 45 children, where Small they learned of fun and dynamic way the importance of marine mammals and the protection and conservation of the environment.
      • A total of 30 children, belonging to the Foundation is now time to AC, which promotes the development of small marginalized communities in Ixtapa and Puerto Vallarta, in order to help improve their quality of life to be attended Dar they have equal opportunities and away from social vices. The children enjoyed the visit to Dolphin Adventure, and it was an unforgettable experience where they learned, played, sang and interacted with specimens of dolphins, sea lions and birds.
      • They were treated to 4 little ones from Guadalajara, Jal. Leon, Guanajuato, which are treated in various hospitals in two states. These are children who are in cancer treatments and one of his wishes is to know the sea and swim with dolphins. Small despite being fighting this serious illness, they were very glad to swim and interact with dolphins and have a different day to everyone else, as they learned, played and had fun with these fantastic animals of the marine world.
      • They continued with monthly donations made to the Center for Animal Collection, delivering sacks of dog food and cat litter, according to the needs of the center, as it is very important to help these animals require for their subsistence.
      • A donation of t-shirts and hats from Adventure Shops Vallartas aimed at the Casa Hogar "Hands of Love at the Bay " was held, in order to support them to the "Bazaar " that held monthly where they receive donations from various people providing items they are no longer useful to them, but are in good condition and are sold at this event, which raises funds to support the Foundation. 
      • It continues with donations of dog food and cat litter intended Center for Animal Collection, Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Since our company is one of the major donors of food for this center, where there are several animals that have a home and are waiting to be adopted to have a better quality of life.
      • The World Association Acces Project, which aims to provide disabled mobility and quality of life. Annually holds an event in Puerto Vallarta, devoting three days to the donation of wheelchairs and other equipment for poor people with disabilities from different communities . So that Dolphin Adventure participates with the Association in support of the closure of the event, making presentations and interactions with dolphins, sea lions and birds, where they expressed their great appreciation and participants that this was an unforgettable experience in your life.
      • A Gift Certificate donation was given for a Signature Swim for two people for the amount of $ 4130.00 to be auctioned in the 11th Annual Rhythm & Ribs Event, to raise funds to support children at Casa Hogar "Manos de Amor por Bahía" to provide food, clothing, medical care and more. 
      • This month we continued with the presentation of the Educational Dolphin Programs, Sea Lions and Birds, for small preschool and primary level kids with the purpose of bringing awareness on the protection and conservation of these specimens. We had a visit from a small preschool where they attended the presentations of our educational programs. A total of 95 preschool students of the school Jardines de Niños Independencia and the school Angloamericano of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco were addressed. Also had an interaction with 40 children of the Primary School “20 de Noviembre", which conducted interviews with staff of Dolphin Adventure, following the subject “My Favorite Animal” included in the Secretaría de Educación Pública.
      • A two people gift certificate for the Sea Safari tour was given to be auctioned on a fundraiser in support of the neediest children in Ukraine, as there are thousands of orphans abandoned living in institutions that lack adequate nutrition, and the goal of this event is to raise funds to provide food, clothing, vitamins, medicines, school supplies and toys for children in need.
      • Students of the Tourism School from the University of Bogotá, Colombia, visited Vallarta Adventures, since their purpose was to determine the internal organization of an ecotourism company from the begining, operation of their tours and brand positioning worldwide as one of the leading tour companies in Mexico. A presentation of our company was made as well as a tour at the facilities of our dolphin center in Dolphin Adventures, so they could get to see the operation in different areas (veterinary, laboratory, environment, training) and the compliance with various environmental areas, according to current legislation established to achieve Quality Tourism Company Certification.
      • A kitten was helped since it previously lost one of its hindlimbs and after an accident was about to lose its other end. However, it was transferred to Guanajuato to undergo both the femoral head surgery, which was successful and saved its end. So that now, he can run and jump with the support of its three legs, for that reason this cute kitten was named "Three Little Legs".
      • We continue with donations to the Animal Shelter Center, Puerto Vallarta, Jal., intended for dogs and cats that are on public roads, sick, homeless and without food since there are 65 young dogs and adults, 18 puppies and 10 kittens. Support is basically food because Vallarta Adventure, is the company that is making large donations for their livelihood on food for dogs, and cat litter.
      • Presentation of educational programs on dolphins, sea lions and birds was carried out in order to sensitize young children about the importance of the protection and conservation of these specimens, belonging targeting small group of Boy Scouts of Banderas Bay . Small learned of the distribution, habitat, anatomy, feeding, reproduction, longevity, and closing programs with a focus on the protection and conservation of these specimens.
      • Vallarta Adventure, a member of the National Network to Whale Entangled (RABEN) and the Navy of Mexico, PROFEPA Delegation Jalisco, Civil Protection, Directorate of Environment and Ecology, Fire Department of the City of Puerto Vallarta, Ecology and Conservation whales AC participated in the care of a whale, with a length of 3.56my weighing approximately 1,500 kg, was located on the beach of Hotel Los Tules, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. was found washed up and lifeless. In this situation, our staff implemented the Protocol of Care for Marine Mammal Stranding, which aims to establish the rules and procedures for the care of these individuals, in order to place it in a suitable place to avoid damages to public health of the population.
      • Vallarta Adventures, characterized by the quality of service makes constant renewal of diving equipment. As such equipment is no longer useful which is discharged, such as vests and wetsuits of different sizes are generated. As a socially responsible company, involved in recycling making the donation of this equipment at Bahía de Banderas Technological Institute, the purpose of which is used by students of the School of Marine Biology, or possibly use some pieces in good condition to repair their equipment. The team of Vallarta Adventures, Friends of El Tuito, high school students, employees of the City of Cabo Corrientes and society in general, performed together a day of cleaning in the town of El Tuito, aiming to improve and benefit your community . In this regard, the Mayor of Cabo Corrientes, recognized the great work of groups like Vallarta Adventures and Friends of El Tuito and commented that "they always show their great willingness to help, his positive attitude, his love and commitment to Cabo Corrientes and El Tuito, thank you very much everyone. 
    • In partnership with PROFEPA we offered two free Whale Watching tours for low income kids.  More than 208 elementary and high school children learned from the magnificent humpback whale.
    • Whale Watching tour donated to "Asociación del Asilo San Juan Diego, A.C."  About 160 people enjoyed this experience and at the same time they helped this old people's home.
    • Marietas Islands National Park is for Banderas Bay birds, reefs and fish an important breeding, feeding and resting natural reserve. Adventure Brands works with PROFEPA (from its name in Spanish Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente) and sponsors most of the necessary elements to make sure the area is well protected.